3 de julio de 2013

'La vita e bella'

It's been a long time since I posted! Too much work to do! But finally its over.
Here I leave you our last project for Fashion Editorial Office at Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona
The project was a big challenge: a fashion editorial about an assigned theme that had to be suitable for an assigned magazine.
Our task was to direct a whole fashion editorial, from the election of the staff, to the styling, shooting and editing.
We had a pre-asigned theme which was very controversial: holocaust war blended to 'La vita e bella', which had to be suitable for the gentlewoman magazine.
 After the whole stress about how would we be able to do it, things turn out pretty well.

This wouldn't have been able without the great team: Iñigo La Corte, Samantha Crawford, Nina Rudakova, the great photographer Marc Pairot and the stunning Nadia Demidenko.

Hope you like it!
Burberry vintage jumpsuit

Burberry vintage jumpsuit, Gema Sach coat, vintage military hat

Zara blouse, vintage hat

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