28 de febrero de 2013


Every woman has her own secrets to look as best as possible, there is a huge variety of beauty products and it is very hard to do the perfect choise. Personally I believe that the key to succeed in this field is to look as natural as possible. We all want to show a fresh face in the morning and stand out our most attractive features. To achieve this, one of the most important things to bear in mind is to use the perfect tone of make-up/terracotta/powder so it looks natural with your skin, although i never recommend to use liquid make up, as it doesn't let your skin breathe and in the long run it can lead to more wrinkles. In substitution I use terracota, it's heavier than powder and lasts longer, and eye concealer, which covers shiners and any imperfection you want to hide. For this the best option is Sisley Paris, which offers coverage and treatment. For the eyes I use Dior ICONIC, which really does what all mascara ads promise. I'm not very into nail polish, i'm not very keen on bright colours so I always wear them in a ballerina/nude tone or maroon.

Hope you like it!

Dior ICONIC mascara
Sisley Paris Eye concealer
Bobbi Brown lip balm
Chanel terracotta
Chanel ballerina nail polish
Calvin KleinEuphoria

27 de febrero de 2013


Its been a long time since I have had these dresses but I had to take them out of my closet to help a friend with her thesis. We did a nice shooting in Park Güell, Barcelona.

Hope you like it!

26 de febrero de 2013


 These are some day wear proposals for the comming season...

 Isabel Marant knit
 Isabel Marant sneakers
Victoria Beckham jeans
Givenchy bag
Karen Walker

 Zadig & Voltaire shirt
Zadig & Voltaire boots
Zadig & Voltaire shorts
Michael Kors watch
Balenciaga bag
Chloé sunglasses


The fashion industry is very exigent in every detail, you should not only be surprising in the outside but also the inside.

Hope you like it!

1. Cosabella
2. Cosabella
3. La Perla
4. La Perla
5. La Perla
6. La Perla
7. Cosabella
8. Dolce & Gabanna


There are tons of celebrities, it girls and bloggers today, most of them pretty similar, but each of us only identifies with a few. Why? because they suit better our personality, style and aspiration.
Here, my mentors: Erin Wasson, Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo and Daria Werbowy.
You may think some are totally opposite between them, but here is the complete point.
Personally I believe that a bit of here and there makes the perfect combination to build a personal and singular style and taste, of course influenced by these fashion icons.

Hope you like it!


Thank you amazing boyfriend for this gorgeous boots from Zadig & Voltaire.

17 de febrero de 2013

Today's Outfit

Today in Rambla Cataluña, Barcelona.
Casual but still trendy. Leather effect pants from Zara with Nike sneakers, Royal blue jumper with fur jacket, one of my favourite combinations. I love the contrast between both styles, casual and elegant.
The leather gloves with with the fur jacket with 3/4 sleeves reminds me of the elegant 60's-70's, juxtaposed to the big sneaker and sporty trend, comfy but still glam.

Hope you like it!

YSL Royal Blue
Zara Woman
Givenchy Nightingale
COS black zip

gema sach

16 de febrero de 2013


Not so long for spring... can't wait for real sunny days.
Here I leave you a little approach of a slight spring touch...
The pictures belong to a collaboration with gema sach studio from last spring summer collection.

Hope you like it!

Photography: G Millet
Make up: Marta Blasi
Hair: Aldo Le Salon

10 de febrero de 2013

Erin Wasson

One of my fonts of inspiration since she became the image of the past collection for Zadig & Voltaire.
She has become an icon in the fashion industry not only for her beauty as a top model but also her influence on brands.

Hope you like it!

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